Connecting to Rithmic

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Before connecting Rithmic account to ATAS platform, you need to log in R Trated to accept the Terms of Use. If you do not have R Trader installed, you can download it here.

This manual serves as a guide for connecting real or demo Rithmic accounts to ATAS platform. If you do not have real Rithmic account, you can register Rithmic Demo. For more information follow the link: Register Rithmic Demo


Rithmic Market Data and Support.

It is imperative to read this section if you are using Rithmic with ATAS. 

ATAS does not provide technical support for issues with Rithmic market data. 

ATAS does not provide technical support for issues with Rithmic trading functionality.

ATAS assumes no responsibility for execution or market data issues.

If you experience problems with the data feed or executions, you must contact support from your broker or third-party provider.

We can only assist with basic Rithmic connectivity/setup issues.

To set the Rithmic connections in ATAS platform, open the Home tab of the main platform window and click the Connections  button. 

The Connections window will open:

Click Add button to add a new connection.

You will see te list of available connections and data feed providers:

Select Rithmic and click Next.

The Agrement window will open:

OCO (one cancels other) orders for  Rithmic connection are emulated locally on your computer. This means that the platform must be connected to your broker for OCO orders to function properly. If you are disconnected and one of the OCO orders gets filled, the rest of the orders in that group WILL NOT be cancelled! 

If you agree, click I Accept, Please continue.

1) Enter your credentials (login and passowrd).

2) Select the server depending on your account type - real or demo. 

3) Click Finish.

*After setting the connection it will appear in the connections list:

1. Type - Connection source.

2. State - After adding a new connections it will be Disconnected by default. To connect it click Connect.

3. Is market data - Data feed source select.

IMPORTANT: you need to use only one data feed source for one market!

4. Auto connect  - If you need the connection to be automatically connected on startup, enable this option. 

5. Connection settings.

6. Delete connection.

7. Connect/Disconnect button.

8. Add new connection.

9. Close the connections window.

To connect R | Trader Pro to ATAS platform, check theUse plug-in connectionas shown on the screenshot:

Also we recommend to check theAggregated quetes  for more stable connection.

IMPORTANT: if R | Trader Pro is not launched and is not set correctlty, but you checkedUse plug-in connection- you will not connect. Connection setting in ATAS and R | Trader Pro settings must be the same!

You need to Allow Plug-ins in R | Trader Pro:

Important particularity of the Rithmic connection.

Often the Rithmic connection is quite sensitive to the communication channel and CPU load. If the CPU is heavily loaded or there are problems with the communication channel, the Rithmic connection may become unstable.

There may be the following connection problems:

  1. If you enable the plugin connection and then try to connect without the plugin, it will not work until the application is restarted.
  2. If you create 2 connections, one with the connection via plug-in, and the second - without, the second one will not connect.
  3. If one of Rythmic servers is unavailable, the connection may be waiting for a long time. You connect, a minute passes, you get an error, then you change the server and connect again->you will ned to wait a several minutes until the previous connection closes completely.
  4. Connection lost. In this case, ATAS will pop up the notification.
  5. Potential connection loss. This is a kind of intermediate state between connected and broken connection. At such moments, Rithmic sends messages like:  PnL Connection - Heartbeat has been quiet for XX seconds . Instead of a PnL connection, there can be Trading Connection, History Connection, etc. These messages indicate that there was no data exchange with the corresponding Rithmic connection (PnL, trading, historical, etc.) for a certain number of seconds. For a trader, this can mean the following:
    1. If there are problems with the PnL connection: perhaps the price, volume, direction of positions (which were received before from a working connection) in ATAS may be different than others on the Rithmic servers.
    2. If there are problems with the trading connection: submitted orders may be sent to the Rhimtic servers, but their statr may not be recieved back to ATAS
  6. That means, if there are problems of this type with Rithmic connections, ATAS cannot guarantee if the displayed information is correct. Therefore, ATAS provides 2 mechanisms to protect a trader from such situations:.
    1. When receiving messages likePnL Connection - Heartbeat has been quiet for XX seconds , ATAS displays a pop-up window in which it displays the text of this message.
    2. If user tries to place orders or change the position after recieving those messages, ATAS will require confirmation of the operation, which will indicate all messages from Rithmic that were received earlier:

In this case, the user will need to decide for himself whether to execute this order or not.
Similar messages are issued if the user trades through a Portfolio Group,
which includes the Rithmic account that received the message data.

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