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VWAP indicator is a volume-weighted average price. The VWAP is displayed directly on the price chart. The indicator calculation starts when the trading session is opened and continues until it is closed, i. e. during one day. Hence, the VWAP is mainly intended for trading during one day. To calculate the indicator, the cumulative value of the product of the volume by the typical price should be divided by the cumulative volume.

Indicator view on the chart.

To add and set up this indicator , open the settings window.

*Important! When choosing a period, you need to consider the number of days open on the chart. If one day is open on the chart, and thecurrent weekvalue is selected in the indicator period, the data will be calculated for one day only.


Period - setup of the indicator calculation period. Four options are available: 

  • Daily
  • Weekly
  • Montly
  • All


  • VWAP
  • TWAP


First Dev.

Secon Dev.

Third Dev.

Custom session start


Show first partial period

Custom VWAP starting settings

Custom starting point - this option allows you to select the starting point of the indicator on the chart using hot keys.

Set starting point - set a hot key that will be used for choosing a starting point on the chart.

Delete starting point - set a hot key that will be used for deleting the previously set starting point of the indicator on the chart.

Save custom starting point - when the function is enabled, the indicator will remember the starting point you set.

Reset on new session - when the function is enabled, previously memorized actions will be reset at the start of a new session.






  • Show zero values
  • Show value
  • Scale
  • Color - a color setting of the indicator s middle line.
  • Visual type
    • Line
    • Histogram
    • Hash
    • Block
    • Cross
    • Square
    • Dots
    • Up arrow
    • Down arrow
    • Axis label
    • Hide
  • Line Style - set the type of the line display
    • Solid
    • Dash
    • Dot
    • Dash-dot
    • Dash-dot-dot
    • Custom
  • Width - set the thickness of the indicator line.
  • Draw above price

Lower std3

Upper std3

Lower std2

Upper std2

Lower std1

Upper std1

Previous upper value

Previous lower value

Upper Fill2

  • Visible
  • Scale
  • Color
  • Draw above price

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