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For a detailed walkthrough of the connection process, please refer to the article: Connecting to IQFeed.

In order to register a Demo account, follow the link:

IMPORTANT: During registration, you will need to enter the details of your VISA or MasterCard payment card. To verify your card, a $1 charge will be temporarily deducted and then immediately refunded.

On the "Sign up for a Trial" page, keep Step 1 as it is, choose "Other" for Step 2, and in Step 3, click the "Continue to DTN Registration Site" button.

On the next page, at the top, fill in the registration details:

On the same page below you need to answer the questions and mark “I have read and answered the questions” at the bottom.

Complete your answers and click "Continue Sign Up":

In the next step, select the country in which you plan to use this service and click "Submit":

On the next "DTN IQFeed Core Service" page, select the data of interest (in all 6 sections).

On the next page, "DTN IQFeed Core Service," select the data you are interested in (in all 6 sections).

Important! Charges for data marked as "Fee Applies During Trial" will be deducted even during the trial period.

To receive real-time stock quote data, you should choose "NASDAQ Level II (OpenView)" in the "Stocks and index data" section:

At this point, you will be asked to sign two agreements (fill in your registration details):

After clicking Confirm, the option will be marked along with additional sub-items:

To receive real-time futures quotes data, in the "Domestic Futures data" section, you need to select the following options: "CBOE Futures Exchange" (requires agreement signing, see below), "CBOT," "CME," "COMEX," "ICE Futures US," and "NYMEX":

An agreement for "CBOE Futures Exchange":

Once your trial subscription configuration is complete, click "Continue Sign Up":

In the next step you will see a list of selected options, you can remove (1, 2) or add (3) options:

After verification, click the "Continue Sign Up" button:

Next, you will be prompted to register a new user (fill in the details and click “Continue”):

Continue filling in the new user's details:

After this, your account is automatically logged in and you will receive a registration confirmation email:

On the account page you need to click the "Continue Sign Up" button:

Next, fill in your card details for payment and click the "Add card" button:

Read and accept the agreement ("Accept" button):

Next, confirm the order (the "Confirm" button):

You will receive a confirmation email for completing the registration. Now, your account is activated, and you can connect it to the ATAS platform (after downloading and installing the latest version of the IQFeed client software).

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