TPO and Profile

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An indicator that allows you to build periodic market profiles. Also contains a classic TPO profile and initial balance.

View of indicator on the chart:

To add and setup the following indicator, open the Indicators Setup window.


Mode - select indicator s display mode

  • Profile
  • TPO
  • TPO and Profile
  • Profile over TPO

External period - choose indicator calculation period

  • M1
  • M5
  • M15
  • M30
  • Hourly
  • H2
  • H4
  • H6
  • Daily
  • Weekly
  • Monthly
  • Custom

Custom begin time - manually specify the initial calculation time.

Custom end time - manually specify the end calculation time.

Extend lines to start of next profile.

Labels of finished lines.


Profile type - selection of profile calculation data type

  • Volume
  • Trades
  • Time
  • Delta
  • Delta - colored
  • Bid ask

Extend lines

Custom proportion - specify your own proportion value.

Auto proportion - enable/disable automatic proportion selection.

Profile colors

Profile color - choose profile color

Profile transparency - specify profile transparency

Bid - choose bid color

Ask - choose ask color

Show grid - enable/disable display of grid

Grid color - choose grid color

Area color - choose area color

Area transparency - specify are transparency

Show text - enable/display text display

Text color - choose text color

Visualization mode - choose visualization mode

  • Bars
  • Solid
  • Border

Gradient - enable/disable gradient function

Profile maximum level

Show maximum level text - enable/disable text display

Type - choose type ofdata for maximum level calculation

  • Volume
  • Trades
  • Time
  • Delta
  • Positive Delta
  • Negative Delta
  • Bid
  • Ask

Extend to the first touch - enable/disable extending to touch

Max. level color - choose color of maximum level

Transparency - specify maximum level transparency

Text color - choose maximum level text color

Show value

Show date


Profile value area settings

Show value area - enable/disable value area display

Extend to the first touch - enable/disable value area extension

Drawing mode - choose drawing mode of value area

  • Lines
  • Area
  • Lines and area

Color - choose value area color

Value area transparency - specify value area transparency

Text color

VAH label

VAL label


TPO chars - selection of the order of letters used

Prices per row (ticks) - merge price levels

Marker letters (open, close) - choose color of key letters

TPO color mode - choose TPO color mode

  • Each letter different color
  • All letter same color

Colors - choose color of letters

Min. letter width (pixels) - setting the minimum width of letters

Drawing mode - choose drawing mode

  • Auto
  • Letters
  • Blocks

TPO. Sub period

Sub period (minutes) - specify the size of the sub period

Divide sub-periods

Highlight open of each new sub period - enable / disable the highlighting of each sub period

Subperiod s open color

Highlight close of each new sub period

Subperiod s close color


TPO. POC settings

Show POC - enable/disable POC display

POC color - choose POC color

Extend POC - enable / disable the extension of the POC to touch

Text color


TPO. Value area settings

Value area visual mode - select the display mode of value area

  • Area
  • Lines
  • Hide

Value area color - choose area color

Extend POC - enable/disable the extension of the POC to touch

Text color


TPO. Single prints

Show - enable display of individual prints

Extend - extend lines to the next profile

Color - line color

Text color

Intial balance

Show - enable/disable display of initial balance

Initial Balance start

Initial balance length (TPO) - specify the length of the initial balance in sub periods

Color - choose color of initial balance

Width - specify width of initial balance

Cumulative values

Cumulative values - selection of the display position of the cumulative values

  • Top Left
  • Top Right
  • Bottom Left
  • Bottom right
  • Hide

Text color


Enabled - enable/disable the filter

Minimum - specify minimum filter value

Maximum - specify maximum filter value

Color - choose color of selection

Full lines - enable/disable extension of the selected level to the width of the entire profile area

On top

On top - enable/disable profile overlay mode on top of the chart.

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