Statistics module

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This module displays all the information on completed trade transactions, issued and canceled orders, and results of transactions. This module consists of 5 tabs. Let us consider them in detail:


This tab displays all orders for the

current day.

* Description of Orders tab columns:

Account - trading account number.

Instrument - the abbreviated name of the instrument.

Direction - the direction of the order (buy/sell).

Type - the order type: limit/market.

Fill Price - the price ofthe placed order.

Trigger Price - this column indicates the order trigger price.

Volume - the volume of placed orders.

Remaining - unclosed (open) orders.

State - the order status.

Time - order issuance date and time.

OCO. (One Cancel the Other) When one of the orders included in the OCO group is filled, the other orders are automatically canceled


Cancel - cancel an order.

Id – order ID, assigned by the exchange.

ExtId - Exchange ID.


This tab displays all transactions for the current day.

* Description of Executions tab columns:

Account - trading account number.

Instrument - the abbreviated name of the instrument.

Direction - the direction of the order (buy/sell)

Volume - the filled volume.

Price - the order filling price.

Time - order filling date and time.

ExtId - Exchange ID.

Order ID - assigned by the exchange.


This tab displays all items for the current day for all trading accounts.

* Description of Positions tab columns:

Account - trading account number.

Instrument - the abbreviated name of the instrument.

Balance - the amount and the direction of the open position. 0 - if the position is closed.

Avg.Price - the weighted average price of the position.

PnL - (plus/minus) on open positions.

Closed PnL - (plus/minus) on closed positions.

Commissions - general commissions on open/closed contracts. You can find information on commission settings in the section: Commission rates.

Close - this button cancels the orders.


Margin mode

Margin - includes initial margin and commission for closing a trade. You can add additional margin or change the leverage to change the margin of the position.

Maintenance margin - The minimum amount of margin balance that must be maintained in order to keep open positions.

Initial margin

Margin ratio - the lower the ratio, the lower the liquidation level relative to the position size.

Liquidation price - if the mark price of the contract goes below the liquidation price (long) or above (short), your position will be liquidated.

Mark price - the last mark price for this contract. It is used to calculate PnL and Margin. It may differ from the latest price in order to avoid price manipulation. It is calculated based on the price index.

Price index - is a set of the major spot exchanges’ prices calculated by their relative volume.

Funding - a fee for financing is transferred directly between buyers and sellers every eight hours. When the rate is positive, long position holders pay short position holders and vice versa. Funding fee = position value * funding rate.


Close Position

  1. Filters
  2. Enable/disable filters
  3. List of frequently used filters
  4. Filter editor
  5. Filter remove button


This tab displays trading accounts and their statuses.

* Description of Accounts tab columns:

Account - trading account number.

Balance - this option indicates the trading account balance (funds in the trading account)

Balance Power - this option indicates available funds in the account.

Blocked margin - this option indicates funds blocked for the provision of open positions (collateral).

Closed PnL - (plus/minus) on closed positions.

PnL - (plus/minus) on open positions.

Commissions - the total commission for all the trades made on this account during the current day.


This tab allows you to perform detailed analysis of your trading sessions both in real time and based on history. Refer to the Statistics section for more detailed description of the tab.


Log tab is the event log, which records certain user and program actions.

* Description of Logs tab columns:

Time - event time.

Source - event source.

Message - event description.


This tab allows you to manage chart strategies and see their status.

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